Gamescom news/beta date

There has been a lot of news for Battlefield 4 just announced, so lets just get to the main bits and break it up a bit.

Beta Date

The official beta will be October 4th for everyone. Premium users of Battlefield 3, who have pre ordered Battlefield 4 or even for some reason purchased Medal of Honor Warfighter will be able to play “early October”. Given the previous date, this does not leave much room for guessing what date that will give you.

The Beta will be for a single map, Siege of Shanghai which was seen first at E3.

This is slightly latter than it was first rumored (mid september) for the beta to be open.

Older maps

There will be updated versions of maps from Battlefield 2 and 3 in one of the Content packs. They will include Metro, Firestorm, Caspian Border (all BF3), as well as Gulf of Oman (BF2).