Battlefield 4 Battlelog Features

A surprise trailer blowing my expectations about what will be in Battlelog will have large changes for everyone about how it will function once you have the game. To some people, seeing this trailer has been the tipping point or “wow” factor in making them get it.

While seeing is believing, here is a summary of some of the features noted.

BF4 Mini-map

The tablet application will have a mini map, running in real-time to compliment your actual in-game mini map. This cannot be understated. A Mini-map! In some ways, the term “mini” is now being stretched.


Able to be set by yourself, you can create a set of goals to see who is the best in your defined group. You could set yourself up for best medic player for that week, or most amount of team-work for the day. When a shift in the leader board happens, you can be notified to remind you to jump in and try get your position back.

Geo Leaderboards

More than being able to say you are in the top X amount of players for a given class, skill, vehicle or objective usage, you can now say you are the best in your local area at being something. You may be the best in your city for using the magnum pistol for example, which you can build on to make yourself best in perhaps the state – or even your country and beyond.

This is going to be exciting to read and look at as a shoutcaster for competitive players. There is a server browser you can use to see where your friends are playing, allowing you to join as a player or spectator at anytime. You can change your in-game layout in real-time for your infantry and vehicle. This means that you do not have to be frustrated at the forced kill cam in between spawns – just use your phone to customize what kit you will spawn with, including your perks, and weapons that you will use.

From the community, the battlelog developers have clarified some things:

The tablet will be the smallest usable size for the minimap. The minimap on the PC will be fairly plain HTML and Javascript – you can have it running on another screen fine. The Geo ladderboard is entirely optional. You do not specify your location unless you add it yourself. You can even do things such as place yourself in Antarctica if you feel like it. Privacy and invisibility options for the friends list

Overall, these are exciting changes!