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BF3 - Ptfostats website is awesome

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BF3 - Ptfostats website is awesome

Postby SuperRoach » Fri Nov 09, 2012 5:46 pm

Hey guys, this is an awesome Stats thing all about how well you PTFO, or play the fruity objective

The website is here:

And you can punch in your username and see how you rate!

Paste in your stats using the forum bb link at the top right and see how you go!

I think I rated pretty well, have a look:


I have a Global ptfo value of 60%.

The relative one is for the time since you last checked, so you can see if you are improving or being a sniper whore!

The original boiler plate
PTFO emerged from and is undoubtedly at the core of the entire Battlefield franchise. The endless amount of 'ways to play' a match in Battlefield are the reason PTFO has become such a legendary concept. Battlefield has always offered gameplay mechanics favoring players who invested effort into exporing PTFO possiblities. Gratification came from inovating gameplay, finding new tactics, coordinating with (sometimes) total strangers and ultimately winning through supperior team work/comprehension of the games mechanics. Starting up Battlefield meant seeking that one moment which was out of the ordinary, executing a brand new strategy or simply landing that 'one in a million' frag.

Unfortunately with slowly improving and streamlining BF DICE has inadvertently shifted its focus away from the complex, open, sandbox experience and towards a (in comparison to its predecessors) more simple, fast paced, instant gratification shooter. Many developments/changes to the game have been cause for hot tempered debates. However even if the game is not quite what it used to be, not what some might have expected and even if to many DICEs claim "with BF3 you may PTFO, or choose not to" is blasphemy, it is up to the community to decide how they want to play the game.

It is for this reason that [1] has launched another subsidiary website: [2] a leaderboard that parts with the conventional KPD, SPM, W/L rankings and instead, as the name suggests, compares ptfo related statistics. The goal is to once again raise awareness and promote the concept of PTFO through competition.

EDIT - For those wondering whether the leaderboard offers a fair representation of their performance: All players are ranked relative to the top player on the leaderboard. With stereotype252 in the lead on PC I can assure that every following player is measured against someone who will come as close as it gets to the definition of a balanced PTFO oriented player.
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