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Like the server? Suggestions?

Any suggestions for H*EA*T's BC2 and CoD4Server. Right in here!

Like the server? Suggestions?

Postby SuperRoach-spartaaa » Wed Feb 13, 2008 10:08 am

Hey All, We have a server online which is able to play Call of Duty 4, Team Fortress 2 and Battlefield 2. Usually it is Call of Duty though.

The IP to join us is:

If you have any feedback about it, or like to brag about your mega killing spree, then post away in here! We hope you enjoyed it.

We do not have any publicly viewable banlists or anything yet, but the usual still applies - If you annoy us too much delibrately, we will kick or ban you. We've got full access to logs, Punkbuster, and Stream to PSB, but beyond that we frown upon cheating - games are about having fun and enjoying them in a group situation in multiplayer, and cheating ruins that balance for others.

H*EA*T are always recruiting, so if you are interested, join the forums and post up!

Re: Like the server? Suggestions?

Postby SuperRoach » Thu Jul 24, 2008 6:23 pm

Starting next week, I'd like to do a weekly poll giving some choices for the rotation for that week.

Say next week, maybe we could do a poll, which choices like, do you want SD and TDM, SD and DOm, SD and ?? that kind of thing. Will help us change it up.
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