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Read Before Posting! - for all Recruits

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Read Before Posting! - for all Recruits

Postby Nero » Thu May 17, 2007 11:21 pm

This is a Public Denouncement brought to by H*EA*T Clan.



When applying to H*EA*T there are some rules, actually more like guidelines that are a good idea to follow;

Guideline 1) We like a bit of information about you; mainly the who, what, why, where, when. Also stats for BF2 if you used to play it, or Bad Company 2 if you played that too.
Guideline 2) We need to be able to read your post, bad spelling fails, and looks less than average.
Guideline 3) You will be required to use your initiative, ie joining Mumble and playing with us etc.
Guideline 4) This isn't a place where you ask and it happens, joining does take time, depending on how often you play.
Guideline 5) We DO NOT have a trial/probationary tag. Joining the forums doesn't not mean you have joined. YOU ONLY PUT THE TAG ON WHEN ACCEPTED INTO THE CLAN.
Guideline 6) We adhere to the rules of the server that we are playing on, ie - No Cheating, Hacking, Glitching, Padding or Unsporting Behavior.

Find out about who we are, and jump in to our mumble (usually applying will be the best way to get that if you are intending to be a recruit). In short about the clan, we have been around for a few years, and will often focus on a game, but of course still play other games for fun, at the moment we're waiting on Battlefield 3

Now, since you're applying to our organization, you've got to come play with us since that's the reason why we all started this whole clan thing to play as a motivated group of people looking for some fun, while at the same time, beating down everyone else ;)

The easiest way to speed up recruitment is of course playing with other H*EA*T members - use battlelog and add us, and join in our mumble server for voice chat and communication as well. If you have mumble, see the front page of our clan, but in short with it installed you can join here or by just using the public server and looking for H*EA*T.

Now to make your whole joining process somewhat easier and quicker you can play with some of the Captains of the Clan, since they are the guys that will be making the decision in the end, the Captains currently, are SuperRoach (Xfire: supercockroach / SuperRoach on Origin), Nqbigfoot (Xfire: nqbigfoot), Funkster (Xfire: imfunky), and NeroMercury (Xfire: neromercury).

Usually when you've followed all these guidelines and such you'll soon be part of what we reckon is the best Clan out there these days :)
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Re: Terms and Conditions for Joining Up - Read Before Postin

Postby SuperRoach » Sat Dec 20, 2008 6:08 pm

You can copy and paste below into your application as a reference

Code: Select all
[b]Previous games experience (note if you've been in a clan too)[/b]
[b]Stats (if any available for the game you play)[/b]
[b]Tell us about yourself[/b]
[b]What ladders are you looking to play in? ([i]Note some may be more stricter for joining[/i])[/b]
[b]Other information?[/b]

Which looks like this:
Previous games experience (note if you've been in a clan too)
Stats (if any available for the game you play)
Tell us about yourself
What ladders are you looking to play in? (Note some may be more stricter for joining)
Other information?

The more the better in your application, of course....
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