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Full Metal 3 and 4

Sometimes there are pivotal clips made by the fans which are so good, they make the community go wow. Well produced enough to have people outside the genre go “That’s a good shot”, They will be the thing you may go to see what the game was like years latter when you feel a nostalgia hit.


It seems like I have missed not one, but two of these, and would like to share them with you. 3D Rendered models have a professional intro, and use of twixtor lets him pace the gameplay to the music without being obtrusive like many of the over the top effects you would typically see in a Call of Duty frag montage.

Here there are.

Full Metal 3

If you have no time to watch this, the monumental clip is the Grand Bazaar suprise shot at 5:55. It should be hard to not grin from it.

Full Metal 4


Something different..

It’s not a First person shooter, it is not even in real time, but this trailer about boats and naval warfare had me laughing and dwatching it again a few times.

See if it floats your boat as well (oh dear)

TakeOver by CH3RRY

Just another Battlefield 3 montage… This one features a stunning selection of RPG to Air shots, along with Teamdeathmatch sniping action with the L96 gun. The synching of music is done very well – regardless of if you like the modern use of music.

It’s also rewarding to see the snipers on the higher level of Noshar Canals get slaughtered – a great clip!

Happy ‘Straya day!

Happy Australia day! To celebrate, try these out to get you in the mood.


This was also spotted on someone writing on their outgoing passenger card, there wasn’t enough room, so..

BF3: James bond shot

This might resonate with clan member Twitch_N_Tic, famous for his legendary guided rocket targeting in Bad Company 2, but it’s just a legendary shot.

Fired from a stationary launcher, he targets and tracks a moving object, right up to it blowing up. The pilots will have been suprised in the kill cam to see what caused their demise, and with shots like these I would be worried as well.

Hitler while playing Battlefield 3

It’s time for a bit of funny as we lead on into the new year, with a creative take on the old Downfall parody..

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Dumb ways to die

If anyone has been keeping track of viral videos, Australian video “Dumb ways to die” was produced for a public transport safety message, which had Happy tree esque cartoon charecters meeting their maker in funny ways.

Now we have a Battlefield 3 Version thanks to Jackfrags!


If this is not making any sense at all to you, have a look at the original video!

Believe it or not, at 30 million views and counting, it is so far the most viral video we have had from memory in Australia yet. Yay us!

Cloud dogfighting in BF3

The dog fighting I thought was excellent too, my favorite being the Bridge fight at 3:20

This is also available on our forums!

Star wars themed anime short

Watching this made me feel giddy  as a kid watching the original Star War films, see what you think of it and if it has you crying out for more.

Awesome Helicopter Pilot

It’s rare to see helicopters fly anywhere near as crazy as what you see as in Battlefield, but this video which appears to be from the 1990′s makes me very jealous that I did not catch something like this.


For example, he lands a heli and still flies it towards someone, and tilts the blades down. Scary stuff.


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