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BF4 Gameplay

Here is a gameplay reveal. I have not watched it yet, but I have it buffering in mighty 1080p before I start playing it. It is 17 Minutes long, and from a single player campaign. Consensus is that the clip looks amazing, with a squad helping you out appearing to give you more open fighting in it. Other things that have been noted include fantastic explosions, and a dual sighted gun (iron sights and a red dot scope), an interesting thing.

If there is one suggestion though – Don’t be like the commenters on youtube, crying that it’s not realistic because it does not have jumping in the vehicle animations. Admit it – you would go crazy if there was a reasonable delay getting in the way of you having fun.

Another freecam video

I could not let this video pass – a sample clip showing a dogfight from the perspective of in the cockpit of a Jet flying around. With Freecam like this, it is easy to see details you frequently miss yourself.

There are plenty of these videos cropping up though. For example, take a look at this fantastic clip making use of all of the ingame assets, and clever editing to show the AC-130 as well as some dogfighting action.

With footage around the corner for Endgame, these are a suitable way to get yourself pumped!

1942 for Free!

As part of the Tenth Anniversary special for Battlefield, they are giving away Battlefield 1942 for free!

That’s right, the original one! It has full mod support, so you can put it on, and then add the desert combat mod so you can have the most intense helicopter flights while killing legions of bots at the same time.

Again, this is free – you click the link below, then launch your origin client to add it to your games list.

It is about 1.2 Gigabytes in size.

Link to the store with 1942

Click above, then add 1942 :) Although it may mention it’s in the demo category, it is the full game. Yipee!

Desert combat you say, whats that you also say?

Well, it was a modification of the game originally made to make the game be in modern times. The team was eventually hired and helped out with Battlefield 2.

Image with thanks to IGN.

You can download the Desert combat mod by following this link, dated 2004! Remember you’ll need to download the 0.7 client as well there.

Have fun!

R.I.P Thunderbird

It is with great regret that one of our finest clan members, Jordan Penpraze also known as Thunderbird has passed away.

Further information is available on news.com.au, as well the official statement on the army website.

Full of energy, Jordan was well known for listenning to our stories, and be an excellent team player ingame. His flying skills ingame were a feat to be reckoned with, with his participation in clan matches with us in Battlefield 2 being a highlight of my gaming career as a clan leader.

Of the many pictures we have of Jordan ingame and from in-person meetups, you can see a spirit and passion for everything he sets his mind to. He was not afraid to stir up people, and enjoyed having fun inbetween rounds of games.

Thunderbirds voice can be heard in this video here, where he acts out beginning at 1:45 about the people getting the game for cheap at pizza hut at the time, leading to an influx of “Pizza hut noobs”

One of original clan members to join our team, he will be missed and I would consider him to be a large part of what I would consider to be the soul of the clan. He will be greatly missed by all of us.

Battlefield 1942 is 10 years old!

Get out your party streamers everyone – the original Battlefield game is celebrating it’s tenth birthday today.

Battlefield 1942 was launched with a variety of maps, with a youthful Wake island complete with steerable aircraft carriers, submarines and previously unheard of amount of players participating in a team based battle. Even back in its time, trick’s had begun to take shape with mischievous players catching a ride on the wingtips of planes.


To celebrate, here is a prelaunch trailer featurinig in a full circle the first map in Battlefield – Wake Island.

To show you that some tricks never get old, see the old favorite Rendezook from the old days:

Battlefield 3

Battlefield 1942

How’s the nostalgia!


Old School vs New School

Freddie Wong has long been known for making fantastic clips such as Video Game high school and heaps of other viral hits, and here is another one – what happens when Master Chief and crew take on the likes of Space Invaders and Lunar Lander?

Planetary Annihilation

Waking up today, this was the last thing I would have expected to happen…

Total Annihilation is getting another spiritual sequal!


The website  for more information http://planetaryannihilation.com/


Sourcefilmmaker now open to all

Source filmmaker by valve has just been opened up in an open beta for everyone to try out and have fun with!

This video should explain what it is – a revolutionary way to create animations and shorts. Currently the assets are all from Team fortress 2, meaning you can jump in and edit using well established characters as well as great quality assets right away. I recommend you use the following link for an excellent collection of tutorials.


Following through these from start to finish will take about 4-5 hours, but there are plenty of breaks.

It has been in use before 2007 when a leaked version was found. Valve have mentioned on the record that this is the tool they’ve used for all of the Meet the … series, and also have used it for ingame cinematics for things such as Left for dead too. Exciting stuff!

Although it is Team Fortress 2 only at the moment, people are able to build their own models using Valves hammer SDK, as well as in the future any source engined game will eventually have it’s content available for use in it. Games such as Left for Dead and Portal will also have their content and charecters available as well.

R.I.P Ohhhbee

It is a sad day for us to announce that one of our clan members has fallen.

Ohhhhbee / OakseyBoy or Patrik was only 18 years old when Cancer took his life far too early. But he has lived a life many of us have taken for granted and we respect him for his strength as well as his family for the support and being by his side all the way through.

He was able to make us smile no matter what game we were playing with him, and down to earth when he had the time to talk with you.

We have made a site wide announcement in the forum for both all members and everyone else, and welcome anyone to share good times they have had with him.

Condolences go to Patriks family.

Rest in Peace Patrik.

Hawken PAX Cinematic trailer

Hawken has just had a new trailer, lets get straight to it. It’s on youtube here and is very exciting.

In short, it’s going to be a free to play game.

We have a thread for Hawken on our forums with the other amazing trailers for the game as well, so check them out!



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