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Battlefield: Op Red Alert

This is what happens if you combine the Real Time Strategy of yesteryear red alert with a first person shooter like Battlefield 3

(Favorite part – the building bit!).

This is also on the forums


Top 250 films mashup

From the forums:

See how many clips you recognize in this mashup of the top 250 films ever made, according to the IMDB Database.

Thunderbirds funeral

Jordan "Thunderbird" Penpraze, a role member for all at H*EA*T


Jordan’s funeral date has been given to us by his family. The thread containing this information and further discussion is here.

Please follow the forum post for more information.

We have a post about the Wreath here.

May our best wishes be with his family, and Girlfriend Jacinta.


The lion king rises

I think I found a new category of videos on youtube, and I like them.

The idea is to take a trailer, and then mix the audio from one movie trailer with another movie. In this example, the Trailer for  the recent movie the Dark Knight rises is mixed with…. The lion king.

It makes me want to watch both of them!

This is also on the forums

What kind of BF3 Player are you?



Once you’ve done it, go post in the forums and tell us your result!

Unless you are a dirty camper.

Cryengine tech demo


More pretty graphics!

BFFs – First flight

please install flash

I’m sure many of us have run into a similar problem – you jump into a air vehicle only to find

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Artisti Della Morte 2

please install flash

Favorite – the mid air rocket at 2:56

A smooth collection of frags and kills .

Overall though it’s well worth checking out, good synching as well.

How to dodge missiles

This has been around on the internet a bit but I thought is still very relevant – if you’re learning in the Jet still this will be a vital trick for you to learn.

please install flash

(Sourced from here)

The Key looks like to be aware of where it is coming from, and to sharply turn towards the missile.

I’ll be pointing people to this thread in the forums the next time they have trouble getting taken down!

One in a million shot

please install flash

From the depths of the internet comes this rare video clip.

While trying to take down a annoying sniper on the Antenna at Caspian Border, an expected twist happens..

Bet this player was regretting having friendly fire on in this server afterwards!


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