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Battlefield friends – season 3

The little show that could – Crudely animated little charecters, saying what everyone else is thinking about battlefield and the series. From meeting the veteran, to getting his own can for… sanitary reasons, it is a great set of short animations to give you a laugh.

Season 3 has just begun, with a bit about capturing the flag.

We won!


On a side note, E3 is about to begin – at its launch, will be a Battlefield 4 trailer showing multiplayer. Looking forward to it!


It seems with Battlefield 3 being out for a year now, there are more refined videos coming out. Machinima is usually the longest production time, due to the game needing modifications or other post production methods being added to it.

According to their bio, this has been in production since september 2012, and has over 500 dialogue lines. Impressive!

This video, is listed as 34:27 long. Already that’s the longest BF3 Machinima.

End Game out on PC

… For premium players!

You would have previously downloaded a ~6gigabyte patch, which is now accompanied by a 4.2 Gig update. To make sense of it, it appears the second update contains just the maps. .The previous 6 gig update patches previously existing content in the game, which means two gig is added in total (plus whatever the result is from this second update..)

If this is the final update for Battlefield 3, we may have the largest game ever made – It will come in at approx 36 Gigabytes, installed. Impressive!

To help you get pumped while downloading like I am, check out this amazing footage of midair motorcycle RPG action:

Unofficial Freecamera mod

A large reason for the sharp decline in competitive gaming for Battlefield 3 has been it’s lack of support for the players. Servers are difficult to organize, with less control of them.

Part of Starcraft 2′s incredible uptake is that a social scene was easily formed around the replays available – both live and recorded matches were very easy to watch.

Battlefield 3 has lacked this and suffered greatly due to it. I personally know that when I try out other games, competitive features and social measures are coming together as a refreshing thing to have.

Before I start telling you to go get off my lawn, Check out this FreeCamera promotional video made by the incredibly talented modders Hattiwatti and Engineerisaac, featuring a new look on a battlefield you may have ran, driven and flown across many times before.

This video was made on an unranked server. This means Punkbuster was disabled, and it was not recording statistics of the players. This is needed due to the fact that DICE have no support to do these neat things – It has been patched into the game by modifying files and other attributes. The developers are that scared about the freecam modification at the moment, that they have locked down access to be on a request basis – to prevent DICE patching out the code in the upcoming patches.

The website to sign up and request a (free) key to download the application


I have applied for this myself, but have not got a key or access to the program. Fingers crossed that will change the next time they open up access to it!

End game: Air Superiority

Some people will be chanting “about time!”, however the end game expansion which is coming out soon will have Air Superiority as a game mode.

This will mean that instead of being on the ground, all of the players will entirely be in jets, fighting around what looks like large blimps and windmill farms.

Layout looks like it can be a lot of fun.

Aftermath patch is out

Start your downloads! The Aftermath DLC Expansion is just hitting your origin client. If it hasn’t begun yet, be sure to kick off your download by right clicking on the game in the origin list, and then clicking “check for updates”.

While the patch itself is 3.8 Gigabytes, It has been known in the past for a seperate update come out for people who actually have the expansion. This so far seems to be the whole thing though. We will be eagerly downloading this now and finding out.

With myself downloading at the amazing speed (note – origin’s speed is double my real rate), I will likely have to try this out tommorrow.

Aftermath launch trailer

Get ready for one of the of the coolest sniper shots on a helicopter yet, and this has me interested in the expansion a lot more. The creation of these maps was to have a symetrical, competitive friendly design. This is good, as it should hopefully mean longer term play!

Birgipall: Best of

Famous Battlefield 3 Youtuber presents a make you laugh collection of C4 Runs, Snipers who have a new level of patience as well as jet battles being short circuited.

Shut em Down

This will hopefully inspire you to keep doing those one in a million shots – where you grab your rpg rocket or tank shell, and fire in the distance at that pesky chopper. You know that one day, it’s going to hit that mid-air, and it will be glorious. Here is a video full of those moments.

Chat with Lars Gustavsson

10th Anniversary Banner

As part of the10th Anniversary celebrations from DICE and EA, we have had many things happen already – a sale on the Battlefield series games being $10, a retrospective including the introduction movie. Lots of neat stuff!

In this case, It is nice to have a sit down with thanks to the battlelog blog a chat with Lars Gustavsson – who has been around since the original Codename Eagle (that’s before even Battlefield 1942!)

Some choice quotes from it:

What is your favorite Battlefield?

Lars Gustavsson:
Battlefield 1942 is the “first born” and will always be dear to me. So is Battlefield 2 since we refined so many ideas from BF1942. Still, I’m extremely proud of where we managed to take Battlefield 3 and love playing it, even one year post launch.


And this glimmer of hope for competitive gaming

In past 10 years games have made fantastic jump in all senses: graphics, sound, gameplay etc. Have you ever thought what Battlefield will be like in 10 years? What are your expectations?

Lars Gustavsson:
No one could have guessed what the last ten years have brought us and to look ahead for another ten years is hard…I do think and hope that the social aspect as well as the competitive nature of Battlefield is so strong that it can thrive no matter what the future holds


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