Welcome to H*EA*T. We have fun playing games like Battlefield.


A short version of the Clans history can be summed up here. For an insight into what makes us tick, read on.

About the logo

The first logo was made after one of the earlier clan matches in 2006. At the time, the  ladder being played was the 16 players on each side, meaning it was often that there  would be a lot of players excited after winning a match fooling around in a server  before we rejoined back into the public servers with everyone else. Grabbing a tank, and  positioning it in a neat looking place, I got a bunch of people to line up infront of me  so I could get a screenshot. After some thinking of what to do with it, formed the first  logo. The idea behind it was to show that we’re a crew of gamers that stick together,  aim to be respectable and have fun gaming. I think it suited that purpose.

Call of duty era

After a few years Battlefield 2′s interest in players had been dying off, with the  ladder size becoming smaller, and the well known 1.3 Battlefield 2 patch which rendered  competitive play unfeasible for long time. With a fresh batch of gamers, we competed on  Gamearena for fun and even won a season in the ladder. Eventually we moved onto  cybergamer for the good use of Promod, which was a modification of the game to help  increase the skill potential for the game by ways of removing glitches, And tweaks to  what guns were used and how they performed. In total, over 150 official cybergamer and  gamearena matches were played, and many more scrims with other teams. The fact of the  lower amount of players needed (5 players on a side) helped with being able to do  impromptu scrims.

Bad Company 2

Although it was great to see dice make a return to the PC again, many of our gamers  didn’t feel this was a true battlefield game – and it shown in our team and on the  ladders we played, with a low team count and lack of interest from the developers to  help foster competitive play. The amount of maintenance required to start and score keep  for a match was a shock reminder of how polished competitive games like Call of Duty 4  and Counterstrike source can cater for the community. Plenty of hours was still spent  playing differing roles on the game in public servers still though, and in between  crashing servers some standout roles included amazing infantry work from players, and  dedicated chopper pilots able to change how maps were played (ie: everyone stop doing  the objective and try to take down our chopper).

Squad rush with it’s 4 player teams lead to a bit more of a dynamic playstyle albeit  shunning most of the feel of Battlefield itself. Much hours were spent planning roll  outs and kit layouts between players to help work around the intentionally low spawn  count for this mode, making for an interesting diversion as we eventually waited for the  next real Battlefield Game.

The future

We look forward to a strong future as we move into our sixth year of running the clan.

The specifications for H*EA*T going into Battlefield 3 were to utilize the tools and  skills learnt over the past years and to make them more relevant and responsive for both  the community and gamers who become a part of us as well. The most important part for us is to use the passion that we have for gaming to help us get better at gaming and of course, help us from bottoming out on the scoreboard!

The new logo itself which you can see in the top of this website went through many iterations, and may likely go through more in the  short term future as friends of the clan put in their suggestions too. Originally I had  chosen a Gold and brown color palette to show we are Aussies, with a simplistic design  able to be transferred into many different places. The Asterick (*) is shown going into  the dirt, with its area being see through to show the community we have behind us and  look forward to continue being a part of. An alternative design supplied takes a  alternative vison on this, with the design going less abstract and to take on the  literal word of H*EA*T more – I like both of the results and they are shown here too.

Like the sound of the gaming clan? Interested in playing some Battlefield 3 yourself and able to play on Australian servers? why not looking into joining?