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Commander mode

Is your body ready for this amount of awesome?

That’s right, the Battlefield 2 favourite of Commander mode is back.

The commander is able to have a birdseye view of the action, seeing marks on the map showing his friendly infantry and vehicles moving around. They can then issue orders to the squads.

A favourite for the mode back in the day was being able to reprimand squads that did not follow your orders, which seemed timeless and always gave the squads a giggle to hear.

The following image is a peek at what at least the desktop UI will look like, although the trailer above had the tablet interface looking similar.

Battlefield 4


First reactions of this mode is the peek of the squad members running around – If it gets extended to spectator mode, will be a boon for server operators which with Battlefield 3 have an extremely hard time running their servers in order to enforce rules and find people misbehaving.

Overall a great showing so far!


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