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Full Metal 3 and 4

Sometimes there are pivotal clips made by the fans which are so good, they make the community go wow. Well produced enough to have people outside the genre go “That’s a good shot”, They will be the thing you may go to see what the game was like years latter when you feel a nostalgia hit.


It seems like I have missed not one, but two of these, and would like to share them with you. 3D Rendered models have a professional intro, and use of twixtor lets him pace the gameplay to the music without being obtrusive like many of the over the top effects you would typically see in a Call of Duty frag montage.

Here there are.

Full Metal 3

If you have no time to watch this, the monumental clip is the Grand Bazaar suprise shot at 5:55. It should be hard to not grin from it.

Full Metal 4


Something different..

It’s not a First person shooter, it is not even in real time, but this trailer about boats and naval warfare had me laughing and dwatching it again a few times.

See if it floats your boat as well (oh dear)


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