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BF4 Gameplay

Here is a gameplay reveal. I have not watched it yet, but I have it buffering in mighty 1080p before I start playing it. It is 17 Minutes long, and from a single player campaign. Consensus is that the clip looks amazing, with a squad helping you out appearing to give you more open fighting in it. Other things that have been noted include fantastic explosions, and a dual sighted gun (iron sights and a red dot scope), an interesting thing.

If there is one suggestion though – Don’t be like the commenters on youtube, crying that it’s not realistic because it does not have jumping in the vehicle animations. Admit it – you would go crazy if there was a reasonable delay getting in the way of you having fun.

TakeOver by CH3RRY

Just another Battlefield 3 montage… This one features a stunning selection of RPG to Air shots, along with Teamdeathmatch sniping action with the L96 gun. The synching of music is done very well – regardless of if you like the modern use of music.

It’s also rewarding to see the snipers on the higher level of Noshar Canals get slaughtered – a great clip!


It seems with Battlefield 3 being out for a year now, there are more refined videos coming out. Machinima is usually the longest production time, due to the game needing modifications or other post production methods being added to it.

According to their bio, this has been in production since september 2012, and has over 500 dialogue lines. Impressive!

This video, is listed as 34:27 long. Already that’s the longest BF3 Machinima.

End Game out on PC

… For premium players!

You would have previously downloaded a ~6gigabyte patch, which is now accompanied by a 4.2 Gig update. To make sense of it, it appears the second update contains just the maps. .The previous 6 gig update patches previously existing content in the game, which means two gig is added in total (plus whatever the result is from this second update..)

If this is the final update for Battlefield 3, we may have the largest game ever made – It will come in at approx 36 Gigabytes, installed. Impressive!

To help you get pumped while downloading like I am, check out this amazing footage of midair motorcycle RPG action:

Another freecam video

I could not let this video pass – a sample clip showing a dogfight from the perspective of in the cockpit of a Jet flying around. With Freecam like this, it is easy to see details you frequently miss yourself.

There are plenty of these videos cropping up though. For example, take a look at this fantastic clip making use of all of the ingame assets, and clever editing to show the AC-130 as well as some dogfighting action.

With footage around the corner for Endgame, these are a suitable way to get yourself pumped!


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