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Aftermath launch trailer

Get ready for one of the of the coolest sniper shots on a helicopter yet, and this has me interested in the expansion a lot more. The creation of these maps was to have a symetrical, competitive friendly design. This is good, as it should hopefully mean longer term play!

Battlefield: Op Red Alert

This is what happens if you combine the Real Time Strategy of yesteryear red alert with a first person shooter like Battlefield 3

(Favorite part – the building bit!).

This is also on the forums


1942 for Free!

As part of the Tenth Anniversary special for Battlefield, they are giving away Battlefield 1942 for free!

That’s right, the original one! It has full mod support, so you can put it on, and then add the desert combat mod so you can have the most intense helicopter flights while killing legions of bots at the same time.

Again, this is free – you click the link below, then launch your origin client to add it to your games list.

It is about 1.2 Gigabytes in size.

Link to the store with 1942

Click above, then add 1942 :) Although it may mention it’s in the demo category, it is the full game. Yipee!

Desert combat you say, whats that you also say?

Well, it was a modification of the game originally made to make the game be in modern times. The team was eventually hired and helped out with Battlefield 2.

Image with thanks to IGN.

You can download the Desert combat mod by following this link, dated 2004! Remember you’ll need to download the 0.7 client as well there.

Have fun!

Top 250 films mashup

From the forums:

See how many clips you recognize in this mashup of the top 250 films ever made, according to the IMDB Database.

Birgipall: Best of

Famous Battlefield 3 Youtuber presents a make you laugh collection of C4 Runs, Snipers who have a new level of patience as well as jet battles being short circuited.


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