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Thunderbirds funeral

Jordan "Thunderbird" Penpraze, a role member for all at H*EA*T


Jordan’s funeral date has been given to us by his family. The thread containing this information and further discussion is here.

Please follow the forum post for more information.

We have a post about the Wreath here.

May our best wishes be with his family, and Girlfriend Jacinta.


R.I.P Thunderbird

It is with great regret that one of our finest clan members, Jordan Penpraze also known as Thunderbird has passed away.

Further information is available on news.com.au, as well the official statement on the army website.

Full of energy, Jordan was well known for listenning to our stories, and be an excellent team player ingame. His flying skills ingame were a feat to be reckoned with, with his participation in clan matches with us in Battlefield 2 being a highlight of my gaming career as a clan leader.

Of the many pictures we have of Jordan ingame and from in-person meetups, you can see a spirit and passion for everything he sets his mind to. He was not afraid to stir up people, and enjoyed having fun inbetween rounds of games.

Thunderbirds voice can be heard in this video here, where he acts out beginning at 1:45 about the people getting the game for cheap at pizza hut at the time, leading to an influx of “Pizza hut noobs”

One of original clan members to join our team, he will be missed and I would consider him to be a large part of what I would consider to be the soul of the clan. He will be greatly missed by all of us.

Shut em Down

This will hopefully inspire you to keep doing those one in a million shots – where you grab your rpg rocket or tank shell, and fire in the distance at that pesky chopper. You know that one day, it’s going to hit that mid-air, and it will be glorious. Here is a video full of those moments.


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