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Night mod for BF3

Courtesy of PCGamer, a talented person has come out alleging that he has to quote 300, “Blot out the sun”.

The sun is disabled in this modification, and has the effect of making maps become almost pitch black. Ambient lighting still takes effect however, with smoke grenades and explosions casting wonderful light and shadows over your fighting zone in the game.

Here is an actual gameplay clip:

Although according to the PC Gamer article a DICE representative he was quick to talk down this modification and the possiblity of future ones occuring, the fact that this has been made at all may help begin the proliferation of other wonderful modifications in the future.

To clarify also – this is something which can only run on a modified, unranked and punkbuster free server. It is unknown about when or if this modification will come out, and how it is applied. I’m just excited enough to see grand bazaar in night like in the second clip!


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