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Chat with Lars Gustavsson

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As part of the10th Anniversary celebrations from DICE and EA, we have had many things happen already – a sale on the Battlefield series games being $10, a retrospective including the introduction movie. Lots of neat stuff!

In this case, It is nice to have a sit down with thanks to the battlelog blog a chat with Lars Gustavsson – who has been around since the original Codename Eagle (that’s before even Battlefield 1942!)

Some choice quotes from it:

What is your favorite Battlefield?

Lars Gustavsson:
Battlefield 1942 is the “first born” and will always be dear to me. So is Battlefield 2 since we refined so many ideas from BF1942. Still, I’m extremely proud of where we managed to take Battlefield 3 and love playing it, even one year post launch.


And this glimmer of hope for competitive gaming

In past 10 years games have made fantastic jump in all senses: graphics, sound, gameplay etc. Have you ever thought what Battlefield will be like in 10 years? What are your expectations?

Lars Gustavsson:
No one could have guessed what the last ten years have brought us and to look ahead for another ten years is hard…I do think and hope that the social aspect as well as the competitive nature of Battlefield is so strong that it can thrive no matter what the future holds


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