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Chat with Lars Gustavsson

10th Anniversary Banner

As part of the10th Anniversary celebrations from DICE and EA, we have had many things happen already – a sale on the Battlefield series games being $10, a retrospective including the introduction movie. Lots of neat stuff!

In this case, It is nice to have a sit down with thanks to the battlelog blog a chat with Lars Gustavsson – who has been around since the original Codename Eagle (that’s before even Battlefield 1942!)

Some choice quotes from it:

What is your favorite Battlefield?

Lars Gustavsson:
Battlefield 1942 is the “first born” and will always be dear to me. So is Battlefield 2 since we refined so many ideas from BF1942. Still, I’m extremely proud of where we managed to take Battlefield 3 and love playing it, even one year post launch.


And this glimmer of hope for competitive gaming

In past 10 years games have made fantastic jump in all senses: graphics, sound, gameplay etc. Have you ever thought what Battlefield will be like in 10 years? What are your expectations?

Lars Gustavsson:
No one could have guessed what the last ten years have brought us and to look ahead for another ten years is hard…I do think and hope that the social aspect as well as the competitive nature of Battlefield is so strong that it can thrive no matter what the future holds

Cloud dogfighting in BF3

The dog fighting I thought was excellent too, my favorite being the Bridge fight at 3:20

This is also available on our forums!

Only in Battlefield 3

Previously, EA held a competition with prizes and all kinds of nice stuff for players who submitted the coolest video on youtube based around Battlefield 3.

Time to do it again!

Here is a few from the complete list.

The Experience 2


To round things off lets have a bit of fun with the C4

What would you do

There are plenty more to check out though, so go do that!


Star wars themed anime short

Watching this made me feel giddy  as a kid watching the original Star War films, see what you think of it and if it has you crying out for more.

Battlefield 1942 is 10 years old!

Get out your party streamers everyone – the original Battlefield game is celebrating it’s tenth birthday today.

Battlefield 1942 was launched with a variety of maps, with a youthful Wake island complete with steerable aircraft carriers, submarines and previously unheard of amount of players participating in a team based battle. Even back in its time, trick’s had begun to take shape with mischievous players catching a ride on the wingtips of planes.


To celebrate, here is a prelaunch trailer featurinig in a full circle the first map in Battlefield – Wake Island.

To show you that some tricks never get old, see the old favorite Rendezook from the old days:

Battlefield 3

Battlefield 1942

How’s the nostalgia!


Night mod for BF3

Courtesy of PCGamer, a talented person has come out alleging that he has to quote 300, “Blot out the sun”.

The sun is disabled in this modification, and has the effect of making maps become almost pitch black. Ambient lighting still takes effect however, with smoke grenades and explosions casting wonderful light and shadows over your fighting zone in the game.

Here is an actual gameplay clip:

Although according to the PC Gamer article a DICE representative he was quick to talk down this modification and the possiblity of future ones occuring, the fact that this has been made at all may help begin the proliferation of other wonderful modifications in the future.

To clarify also – this is something which can only run on a modified, unranked and punkbuster free server. It is unknown about when or if this modification will come out, and how it is applied. I’m just excited enough to see grand bazaar in night like in the second clip!

Old School vs New School

Freddie Wong has long been known for making fantastic clips such as Video Game high school and heaps of other viral hits, and here is another one – what happens when Master Chief and crew take on the likes of Space Invaders and Lunar Lander?


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