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BF3: Loadouts in battlelog

It seems like Dice have been listening to requests, with a feature on a list of things users would love to see (besides the usual Battlerecorder calls) is the ability to change settings outside of the game.

This is now partially possible, with the addition of a new loadouts option inside battlelog, the component of Battlefield 3 that you can use without running the game.

This was a feature that seemed to sneak in todays Origin update, and is very welcome.

Battlelog Loadout editing

The main panel of the new Loadout option in battlelog.

Using this, you can individually edit what your weapon choices are for each class, pictured is the Assault and Engineer.

Editing your loadout is easy and fun, with toggling between them back and forth one way, or otherwise you can click on an item to have the full list pop up with it’s description.

Once your changes are made, You will need to click on the Apply button on the top left of your screen.

Great fun, and a nice way to show off your kits!

At this current moment, it’s unknown whether editing this while ingame will have an effect.

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