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One – Machinima at its best

What you are about to watch is a 10 minute short with great editing, and even non fans of the game will be able to enjoy the action in this short.


Made by Robert Stoneman, this person who is no stranger to good camera work. His work in real life productions such as The Dark Knight and Pirates of the Caribean: On Stranger tides show he has some real chops in getting things done.

As a bonus, check out his cinematics work in other games such as Shogan 2:

This has also been posted on the forums.

R.I.P Ohhhbee

It is a sad day for us to announce that one of our clan members has fallen.

Ohhhhbee / OakseyBoy or Patrik was only 18 years old when Cancer took his life far too early. But he has lived a life many of us have taken for granted and we respect him for his strength as well as his family for the support and being by his side all the way through.

He was able to make us smile no matter what game we were playing with him, and down to earth when he had the time to talk with you.

We have made a site wide announcement in the forum for both all members and everyone else, and welcome anyone to share good times they have had with him.

Condolences go to Patriks family.

Rest in Peace Patrik.

BF3 Premium Service information

Thanks to Battlefieldo, we have more information regarding the soon to be released “Premium” offering for Battlefield 3.

Originally it was feared that it would be a carbon copy of the idea for Call of Duties “Elite” offering, where a user would pay a monthly or yearly fee in order to get access to their content.

Set to be announced on the 4th of June, the Fee will be a once off amount (not determined yet), which will give you access to all current and newer DLC when it launches. There have been five DLC packs announced, including an unnamed DLC due after the “End Game” Pack.

The estimated cost of all DLC (minus Back to Karkand) is to be around $60, Likely a bit more  for us Aussies. If it’s between $40-$60 knowing this, then it seems like a good deal for me.

On the positive side, this is now an easier method to get access to your DLC which can help minimize the typical fracturing from ordering single or partial amounts of Expansion packs.

Double XP this weekend [update]

By playing this weekend, you will be getting double points ingame. It will show up as “Extra points” at the end of all your ribbons I’ve been told. The best part is, by playing during the day, everyone’s much easier to take down at that time!

For more information, check out Battlefieldo‘s source, it is also on Facebook as I write this but needless to say if its on facebook from EA, it’s facebook official.


The double XP weekend has been shifted forward two weeks. Currently that means 25th -27th May. This is for PC users, and was notified by EA on Facebook.

BF3 vs TF2

How about a well made crossover between the two popular games?

Well, your odd wish has been granted here. Look forward to the Heavy guy saying om nom nom nom!


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