Welcome to H*EA*T. We have fun playing games like Battlefield.

Formatting update

We’ve just done some minor updates to our front page! It’s often said that the first 90% takes 90% of your time, with the final 10% taking 90% more time.

That’s true with most web development and rings true here as well. So, the odd polish and shine is still being done.

In the near future, I’m working on making the youtube links to be more reliable, and further readability enhancements. Good news for all!


Now Recruiting

Like to join the clan?

Register on the forums (it only takes a moment), and post in the Recruitment section. Having mumble in order to talk to us helps too!

Our Platoon page on battlelog is here

It won't take long before you'll be fragging away with us!


We use mumble for our voice chat servers.

These are used to coordinate where we are playing games as well as for matches.

Click here to join!

Don't have mumble? Then go here to get the latest version for free. It's easy and quick to setup too.