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New Match feature in battlelog

Curiously spotted in the Battlelog update which just occured – there is a Match mode. You can see it by looking at the new shield icon, or in the multiplayer tab at the top of your screen when logging in to battlelog.


First impressions on it are limited – because when you attempt to create a match, you are greeted by the following screen:

You get the option to click to sign up for a notification when this feature finally is live as well.

As an idea, I welcome the idea greatly. A native “Scrim” format will encourage casual teams to play in battlefields strongest format – teamwork based matches due to the lowered barrier of entry to actually get in and play. If your team can see how easy it is to jump into a match, they’ll be more inclined to jump in. Shorter setup times will be welcomed. I think we all know about how tricky matches are to setup now – while it is good to have the ability to use server addons such as procon, it means players will take longer to get setup, players double juggling roles as admins during a match will be busy and distracted.

By clicking on “View matches”, you can see a layout of current matches in progress you can join, as well as completed matches. Although this is only the User Interface I could see the use of being able to see completed matches here – they could be classified different from a standard match, with stats in a round preserved much longer than the standard Battlelog for matches. When a team plays on a public server currently, they will keep those logs for 10 days. This is not long enough for bragging rights and statistics keeping and it would be welcomed to have proper matches held longer.

Some other noticed changes by some other members in the clan is that ribbons appear to be slightly easier to get. More information to come on that.

Lastly, the filter for searching for servers has been expanded – New Zealand and Australia are now currently different options. This replaces a grouping of the two called “Oceania”. The cries of ON3 Networks can be heard from over here in Victoria already! But I’m sure they’ll get plenty of local players to fill the gap.


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