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3 New expansions planned

So the Battlefield 3 Announcement appears to have been made, and according to their website, EA are revealing that there will be 3 Expansion packs coming out.

Following up with gameinformer:

  • ~June: Closer Quarters expansion which will be focusing on infantry with smaller maps as well as 10 entirely new weapons
  • Armored Kill will feature the largest map for multiplayer made yet, full of vehicles in it. Looking at the singleplayer campaign I think the latter section of operation firestorm would be ripe for this kind of material.
  • “End Game” There is no further information on besides it being the third expansion pack.

As a sidenote, due to the requirement of a expansion needing content, this has also given us a rough idea of the minimum amount of patches that will be coming out.



More information has come through about the specifics of some of the expansions. “Vertical gameplay” will get a look in for the Close quarters expansion, which could be indicating a fight in a building with many levels to it. More assignments and dog tags will be added.

Armoured (yes I’m an australian, roll with it) Kill will feature new vehicles such as tanks, ATV’s and Mobile artillery (!)

This ties in well with the new studio they also recently opened in Sweden, built entirely to make frostbite 2 engined games


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