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March Patch Details

After threats of a blackout by the community, shortly after we have a patch list on battlelog.

The notes are huge and are not apparently even the full list yet, I recommend you look through them yourself as well, some things you should notice as soon as you play under the new patch when it arrives:

  • Getting up from prone is slightly faster, to give you a better chance to dodge a grenade hurled your way.
  • Air control in parachutes will be more responsive
  • Vaulting (when you mash space on an object to jump over it) will be more reliable.


For the vehicles

  • Repair tool will be slightly slower for repairing, and more effective to damage enemy (vehicles and people)
  • Locks for AA handheld will be slightly quicker and longer distance, however even laser guided targetting can be thrown off by flares.
  • Jets AGM missile locks on a decent rate faster to be more useful for ground attacks
  • Flares are going to more reliably distract missiles, and are back to being shorter reloads (11sec Pilot/20sec Gunner unchanged)
  • The above changes I’d imagine would make for some aggressive air struggles with attacks to air easier to do, but it’ll be easier to defend against them as well.
  • Helicopter rocket pods are now more accurate.
  • F35 (the hover jet) has similar weapons to other jets now, and has better balance, adjusted hovering modes.
  • Jets Have ejection seats! fun!
  • Feedback to let you know where you’ve been hit in the vehicles has been improved

The patch notes go on for much longer covering weapons changes and many other things.

Again, the patch notes I recommend you read yourself, and if you’d like to vent or get excited that we are getting horns finally, jump in our forums!

Borderlands 2 Trailer

Borderlands 2 Has been in the making for a while now, with a sneak peak at gameplay a while back. Now we have an official trailer with a launch date – September this year!

Check out the “WUB WUB” in this trailer:

please install flash

Also available here

Sniper Rendezook!

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(also available here)

The one in a million rocket shot which won the only in battlefield contest just got more intense – a sniper takes down an attacker…

How to dodge missiles

This has been around on the internet a bit but I thought is still very relevant – if you’re learning in the Jet still this will be a vital trick for you to learn.

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(Sourced from here)

The Key looks like to be aware of where it is coming from, and to sharply turn towards the missile.

I’ll be pointing people to this thread in the forums the next time they have trouble getting taken down!

Winners of Only in BF3 Contest

The winners of the Only in Battlefield 3 Competition have come out, and have been announced on this page

And here are the winners, who each are getting flown to sweden to chat with the developers and see what’s going on.

Number 3

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Check out that transition at the end!

Number 2

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Number 1

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One in a million shot

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From the depths of the internet comes this rare video clip.

While trying to take down a annoying sniper on the Antenna at Caspian Border, an expected twist happens..

Bet this player was regretting having friendly fire on in this server afterwards!

OK Go – Needing/Getting

Diversion time, as we see a music clip from the forums that unsurprisingly went viral earlier

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These guys made great videos in the past, like here it goes:

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And others. They make really entertaining videos, and always seem to up the ante. This time they’ve gone car crazy, and got a crap-ton of Guitars and Pianos, and let the car do the playing. Memorizing and fun to watch, but I think the original this too shall pass might still be my favorite (sonicly) from them.

Rendezook in real life

Aeonalpha on the forums posts this real  life re-make of the famous Rendezook video, where a guy bails, and fires a rocket at an incoming jet then gets back in his jet.

please install flash

Looking forward to seeing the making of for this clip.


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