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Good timing on Metro

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This player was lucky and had just the right timing while playing on Operation Metro, with what started as a not bad Kill streak turning into a team-wiping, grenade blockbuster. Check it out!

First word about the new patch

@ @ It’s not just a small “patch”, it’s shitloads of recordings with lots of actors + new code support.
Tomas Danko

The above tweet from Battlefield 3 Developeer Tomas Danko indicates a lot of changes will be upcoming in the new patch. Recordings seems to be pointing to Voice actors for ingame sound. This could likely also be related to the “Commo Rose 2.0″, which has been hinted (heavily) earlier.

I kind of miss the tourettes medic, so here is nostalgia for it that feels like yesterday.

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My life in thermal

Youtube user regisfrost has posted an fascinating clip of what it’s like being big brother, observing what is actually going on underneath you while piloting a mav.

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Thinks like the Tank battles occuring, with flanks being effective, followed by near misses with people turning a corner, just missing an easy kill.

Axis of Awesome – kfc

I have to hand it to the Axis of Awesome, but they sure do make funny parodies (they are most well known for their four chord song)

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Found on youtube as a post from our forums

BF3 Panic Attack

If you get quartered, there is only one thing you can do…

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It seems like the “This is battlefield” competition has spawned off a massive amount of excellent videos like this, so I can’t wait to see what more the community are going to make up.

Found from here , and was originally posted from the forums

Mechanical Battlefield theme

There are a lot of videos for Battlefield 3 which are excellent, but this one caught my eye.

It is a rendition of the Battlefield 1942 theme, played back on five drives, their tones from their moving parts giving the distinctive noise.

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