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News Bloopers of 2011

A quick break from gaming here, as we look at a funny video

I think my favorite is the dazed and confused lady at 4:20

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On another note, everyone here would like to wish you a happy new year, and look forward to playing in the competitive ladders and practice more for Battlefield 3

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Joe at Blizzcon

Trolling is a art (or so I’ve heard), and “Joe” going to blizzcon appears to be a fine example of that in action

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Commarose 2.0 coming

A recent tweet by Audio guy Tomas Danko raised some eyebrows here:

Comrose 2.0 will launch in February, eventhough some previous patches included part of the functionality. Submission procedures are slow.
Tomas Danko

Commarose or “”Comrose” refers to the Q menu when spotting enemies. It’s not been said any further about how it will be different, although some have said it will be more like Battlefield 2′s.

Reading further into his tweets, it has hints of minimap integration in some way, as well as definately having more of the feel from Battlefield 2. Good news!

Xmas meets Battlefield 3

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Here is a creative use of Christmas lights, synched up to the Battlefield 3 Theme. I do kind of worry that the end stinger part of the theme could cause an epiletic fit – that’s a rapid pulse!

Top BF3 Plays Episode 4

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It’s time for some more Hazard Cinema, and this guy has an excellent voice over. This time around you can look forward to Infantry rocketing a jet, mammoth kill streaks, fantastic flying with the chopper in number 3 (sideswipe roadkills).


Real life BF3 Fan video

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The production quality on this is amazing, with a one on one battle taking place (hud and everything) with a variety of point of view cameras giving a nice wide angle view on the action.

The medic in me wanted to point out the health went up too quick, however that’s being predantic. With the equipment these guys have, I’d look forward to seeing more from them in the future

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How to make use of the Bulldozer

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FreddieW of VFX fame has burst out with this awesome Battlefield 3 video. He said it’s going to show up on TV, if that’s true and it was to even stretch it for Aussie shores, more the better!

Silence in the Storm

Recording at a higher than standard fps (not using fraps!) lets you make some pretty footage like this.

Don’t the jet explosions and explosions in general look great

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Skyrim theme in piano

One of our members FuLlT!M3KiLl@ has posted a rendition of the Skyrim Theme in full, played on his piano. A well done job and highlights some great skills – In his youtube channel you can see some other themes like the Battlefield one!


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Content errors fix

Back to Karkand is finally out, and many more hours will be needed of playtime.

Some people have had mixed luck though, with an error box in Battlelog coming up that says “Game Content not available”. Then the game doesn’t load. It’s frustrating especially if you were in a queue to get in the server in the first place.


Well good news from Zh1nt0:

We´ve located the issue with “game content not available” for Karkand users. Will roll out a fix in the next couple of hours! #ontheway
Daniel Matros

Where it appears it will be a small server side tweak coming out shortly to fix the problem. Game on!


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