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Server update for R10 out

A minor update has just been pushed out for the Battlefield 3 servers. This is a small update and covers a crash problem when reviving (!), and some minor variable additions for ranked play.


This is a small update. It contains two changes:

* vars.idleTimeout and vars.idleBanRounds commands are now controllable on ranked servers
* Crashfix when a player is reviving another player

Since it’s Thanksgiving over in the US we are not mandating that all RSPs update within a specific timeframe. Most of them will likely offer this as an optional upgrade for the time being.


This won’t likely be rolled out as quickly as the previous R9 Patch, where the client patch would only see R9 and higher servers. This meant if a server operator was lazy in updating they would have noticed no players able to join the server anymore. There is no such requirement for this one, and likely will see it slowly roll  out over the weekend.

The note about crashing when reviving is interesting, as we were only aware of the TV Guided missile bug, where it is possible for a squad mate to spawn in an invalid position in the Attack chopper to make the server crash. Still, any crash fixes are great!

Source from Battlelog


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