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New Graphics drivers, patch notes soon

First off we have new graphics drivers just released for amd, which are detailed here. You can look forward to improved crossfire profile performance, as well as my pet peeve – occasionally your second screen will turn black, leaving only Battlefield 3 the visible thing (I usually have battlelog or my voice coms on the other screen. The version number of these are 11.11 .

AMD Page for Latest Drivers

NVIDIA also have drivers recently release, with their driver page being tricky to link directly too, but here it is . Their version is number 285.62, and has fairly strong recommendations to use it if you don’t already due to the Battlefield 3 optimizations in it.

However, NVIDIA also have beta drivers, if you feel like taking it to the …. danger zone. The version of this beta is 285.79, and these were only released on the 10th of November. Have a look at the notes and download here


Patch notes coming soon

Lastly, community manager zh1nt0 in the forums has mentioned that the sought after patch notes will be coming soon for Battlefield 3, as seen by his forum post here.

It has been speculated heavily that the tactical light will be toned down, as it was seen by a post from one of the developers with a less powerful light:

No word has been given on things which will be critical for the ESports community, which will include spectator and Battlerecorder.


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