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BF2 Maps: all flags able to be taken

The the early morning hours here in Australia, a new Back to Karkand trailer was released:

please install flash

Noken (of Snoken Productions) excels again with a fantastic presentation showing lots of Sharqi Peninsula action from Battlefield .

As well as this, a new mode was named:

Classic Conquest Assault mode  More flags, and you can capture every flag just like the original bf2!

This could be interesting to see if this would be back ported (forward ported?) into the newer Battlefield 3 maps, to give more of an sense of urgency to maps, as when all the flags are gone, the map will be over.

Thanks to the battlelog blog, there has been more information about Back to karkand coming out in December. In the more immediate timeframe though, Improvements to squad joining have been promised, and stability changes have already been rolled out to the servers (you can now play Caspian border and Tehran highway without the rubber banding ball of death effect!)

In the trailer and blog, there is talk of “Extended Persistence”. At first I thought this would be some more dogtags to earn or something similar, but the term in the blog is being coined as “Assignments”. I wonder if this will similar to Blackops, where you could purchase contracts for time limited objectives such as X amount of Headshots, or something totally unique.


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