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Back to Karkand due in December

Back to Karkand in its promotional Glory

Thanks to a post from Battlefield3online , Information is available on when the much sought after Back to karkand pack will be available.

During december you can look forward to being able to play your favorite Battlefield 2 maps. Maps included in this pack will be:

  • Karkand
  • Sharqi Peninsula
  • Gulf of Oman
  • Wake Island

Also included will be a large selection of the older guns. You’ll be able to check out the good old MG36, The Famas, as well as my favorite being a medic guy back in the Battlefield 2 days – the L85A2.

The Back to Karkand pack will be free for anyone who has purchased the Limited Edition version of Battlefield 3, which as of posting here should be everyone who have bought the game. For anyone else, the pricing for the console version will be $15 in the US. No word of how much it would cost them there.

If you have been following the Battlefield 3 section of the H*EA*T forums, which is updated far more frequently than even our front page here – it was posted also that the Back to Karkand pack will have an exclusive of one week over the PC Players.


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