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Back to Karkand due in December

Back to Karkand in its promotional Glory

Thanks to a post from Battlefield3online , Information is available on when the much sought after Back to karkand pack will be available.

During december you can look forward to being able to play your favorite Battlefield 2 maps. Maps included in this pack will be:

  • Karkand
  • Sharqi Peninsula
  • Gulf of Oman
  • Wake Island

Also included will be a large selection of the older guns. You’ll be able to check out the good old MG36, The Famas, as well as my favorite being a medic guy back in the Battlefield 2 days – the L85A2.

The Back to Karkand pack will be free for anyone who has purchased the Limited Edition version of Battlefield 3, which as of posting here should be everyone who have bought the game. For anyone else, the pricing for the console version will be $15 in the US. No word of how much it would cost them there.

If you have been following the Battlefield 3 section of the H*EA*T forums, which is updated far more frequently than even our front page here – it was posted also that the Back to Karkand pack will have an exclusive of one week over the PC Players.

Now Recruiting!

Now recruiting!
Our platoon page is here

H*EA*T is a well known and respected part of the Battlefield community having played over 70 competitive Battlefield 2 games and more than 25 Bad Company 2 competitive games.

We are looking for a bunch of people to join with the intention to help form multiple teams for Battlefield 3. We are looking for players who are competitive for the Ladders in various game types, as well as players looking to just have fun on the public servers, old school Battlefield style.

Team sizes will naturally be based around the ladders being played on. For the players wanting to be competitive, you will be required to attend for practice matches and help contribute to squad work.

Jump into the forums, and say hi to us on Mumble!

Battlefield 4 from FreddieW

Clever video fx guy freddie wong has come out and made a youtube video called Battlefield 4.

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Excellent effects as per usual from Freddie, and tense as well – the sniper section is the standout for us here.

There has been more information posted in the Battlefield 3 section of our public forums, if you want to be more up to date, be sure to check there as well.

As well as this, don’t forget to check out our facebook page as well.

Only a few days until Battlefield 3 comes out, things are getting even more exciting!

Single player launch trailer

Well, this trailer just release has me more eager to give the Single player mode a go:

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There are some glimpses of maps in a single player context that we have played already, such as Caspian border.

Commorose to be in Day one Patch

Community Manager Zh1nt0 has confirmed that Commo Rose will finally be available on Day one, thanks to the patch which will be available on launch.

@ Not on launch but in the 1st day patch.
Daniel Matros

If you don’t know what Commorose is, it is a great way of communicating preset messages to your team. In Battlefield 2 it looks like this:

Like always, we’re posting news from around the web and sources in the Battlefield 3 section in our forums. With the preload about to begin, its an excellent time to register on the forums.

New BF3 Multiplayer footage

A new trailer has just been released on the web, featuring the Jump from the infamous Damavand level, which features a 500 metre jump on the map:

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Also, News in that the Flares unlock will be available earlier for the Jet:

@ Flares are still an unlock. But they are at 300 points.
Fredrik Thylander

You will only need 300 points now, which is down from something like 1800 points in the beta.

Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator

If you are currently building up your PC and think it will be immersive, then take a look at this setup which will be showcased on The Gadget Show (overseas)

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Of note is it looks like there are paintball guns trained on you to simulate taking bullets – ouch!

This was pointed out by Helios in the movies section of the forums



All Battlefield 3 maps revealed

Thanks to the Battleblog, A full set of maps with information have been made public.

From the link, the list of maps is:

Caspian Border / Level Designer: Diego Jimenez
Damavand Peak / Level Designer: Niklas Åstrand
Grand Bazaar / Level Designer: Niklas Åstrand
Kharg Island / Level Designer: Inge Jøran Holberg
Noshahar Canals / Level Designer: Niklas Åstrand
Operation Firestorm / Level Designer: Inge Jøran Holberg
Operation Métro / Level Designer: Inge Jøran Holberg
Seine Crossing / Level Designer: Diego Jimenez
Tehran Highway / Level Designer: Niklas Åstrand

For those who were keeping a keen eye during the beta, a tenth map named mp_omaha was also in the game files, which hints at a potential remake to the old Battlefield 1942 Map with the same name.

The maps so far all look excellent with none I would avoid (Yes, I am one of those people that liked Operation Metro)

As always, we are posting Battlefield 3 News from the web in the forums here. If you have time be sure to register and say hi!

Geforce Lan live right now

Presentation at the beginning of the Geforce Battlefield 3 lan

Presentation at the beginning of the Geforce Battlefield 3 lan

So, the massive GeForce lan has begun, which is available to watch live using this link to ustream.tv Watching it as I’m writing this, it seems like a large crowd is there watching some single player footage right now. Thisis the lan mentioned earlier, which is taking place on a real aircraft carrier.

I just noticed there is an actual knife animation for someone who is prone – instead of picking them up like in the beta, they stabbed them right in the neck. Ouch!


Here is a clip from the intro

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Vehicles trailer

A short an sweet trailer from EA showing the vehicles, with some new footage in it.

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Don’t forget, we are posting more frequently with news as it happens from the internet in the bf3 part of our forums as well!


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