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BF3: 17th September

The State frag video

I can’t begin this post without including a Fantastic Frag video for a game that isn’t even out yet – Check out “The State” by Porter Robinson

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It’s certainly set the bar high very early on for the quality of and synching of footage.

Competitive review

Like to see what overseas are thinking about competitive play? This interview with Clan 20ID member “Daskro” sums it up:

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Its 17 Minutes but a good listen, and overall he is looking forward to seeing the older teams come back out of the cobwebs to play again. Sounds good!

Expanded trailer

Although I won’t show it on the front page here, there was a slightly expanded Guillotine Gameplay Trailer shown – although it was for the Xbox 360. It added a few interior scenes where someone knocks you over from behind a door, triggered by a quicktime scene involving a shotgun.

Battlefield 3 Thread

The Battlefield 3 Thread in the forums is still frequently updated here. If you’re too lazy to browse all the news sites yourself to stay on top of things, That should help you.

High quality screenshots

In other news, some new renders and game imagery have come up, with some being from a magazine (with thanks to battlefieldo for finding this)

As if that wasn’t enough, there is a whole collection of screenshots. Initially shown by Battlefieldo with watermarks, eventually Shacknews also put them up, watermark free. Your desktop will love you as you check out these. The one with the tank to the right, and the explosion in the middle is my favorite.

Beta Delay

Lastly, the reason for the Battlefield 3 Open Beta delay. Sadly, it appears it has been ready since early last week, with the hold up being due to waiting for certification by the console versions.

[Translated] Regarding the beta on PC, it is ready, but many require a beta preparations, DICE is working to accelerate these preparations with Microsoft and Sony. Once these are completed, the beta will begin.

Source – Gamespy

Although it’s a bit disappointing, I think we can all hang in there for an approx extra week.


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