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BF3: 13th September

First up, we are recruiting for players for Battlefield 3! We are after all kinds of players, competitive and casual alike If this sounds like your cup of tea then pop into our forums above and make a post in the recruitment section to get the ball rolling.

With no real new footage today, I will put the spotlight on a fan montage done on the weekend called Sub reality created by youtube user the wowcreator.

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In terms of the leaked console footage posted yesterday, it’s important to note its a pretty rough build graphically, so we will still be waiting for that ever elusive beta like everyone else. There were a lot of complaints on twitter about it, so wanted to point that out.


Lastly, I’d like to point out this amazing speed painting done by TheConceptPainter on youtube:

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According to the comments, The image took only a bit under 3 hours to draw! The music helps it along too, with the official Battlefield 3 theme playing in the background.


Now Recruiting

Like to join the clan?

Register on the forums (it only takes a moment), and post in the Recruitment section. Having mumble in order to talk to us helps too!

Our Platoon page on battlelog is here

It won't take long before you'll be fragging away with us!


We use mumble for our voice chat servers.

These are used to coordinate where we are playing games as well as for matches.

Click here to join!

Don't have mumble? Then go here to get the latest version for free. It's easy and quick to setup too.