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Second Assault Trailer

You have to hand it to DICE, they know how to make trailers. This is for the second expansion pack, which is coming for those with the Digital Deluxe, or the Premium edition of Battlefield 4.

This is a collection of four maps from previous Battlefield series games. To list them, that means you will have:

  • Gulf of Oman
  • Caspian Border
  • Operation Metro
  • Operation Firestorm

An interesting addition to this is the maps besides them being updated with levolution and layout tweaks for some of the maps, Dynamic fire similar to the far cry series will make it in there. Nice!

Commander App for Tablets

Ahead of the official November 19th Launch, the Tablet applications are starting to trickle in for you  to jump in and be a commander when you are away from the desktop.

First up is the iOS Tablet app, which will let you join remotely a game to be in the commander role. You can’t be on the ground playing the game, but you can be above issuing orders and getting points for it!


Commander mode is when a top down view is given of a made, with views given of what the players are doing along with other strategic information. The first game for the Battlefield series to introduce it was in Battlefield 2, Which had a warm reception to allow for strong squadwork and cohesion among the most ragtag squads of players going to objectives.

More information available on the battlelog post


BF4 Multiplayer Launch trailer

There is a “Day one” Patch available – looks like it is 651mb extra to download.


Not sure about battlefield 4 and have not got it yet? Try this multiplayer launch trailer, complete with a very special cameo for the keen eyed -

Preload time!

The time is here – to begin preloading your game. Battlefield 4 Is available and is approx 25gig to download. Hope your monthly quota of internet will survive it!

Once you have the game preloaded, you can wait for the game to become active latter in the day, or start playing instantly using the instructions in this link to using a proxy (thanks reddit)

Look forward to seeing you on the Battlefield latter today, and remember we’d love to have you join the clan and play some games with us! Just jump in our mumble (on the right), and say hi and play in the Battlefield channels.

Obliteration mode unlocked for Beta

Obliteration is unlocking on the servers! During the day more servers will be available to try out. This means you can try out Obliteration mode during the beta for free.

This game mode involves two teams, with a bomb spawning at a random location. You need to then place it at one of three locations and detonate it.

More info, and tell us what you think of it!


Here is some footage of someone playing Obliteration:

With some classy music.

BF4 Beta preload

The time for Battlefield 4 Beta’s preload is upon us, get your alarm clocks ready!

With the help of this countdown , The Preload (advance time you can download it before playing it) is 3am, AEST or +10 GMT Time.

This can be seen in your origin screen, clicking on the “Beta” Battlefield 4. For reference, here is what I would see in my timezone.


Paracel Storm Trailer

A new trailer showcasing multiplayer on a new map called Paracel storm features heavy use of boats in a turbulent water making for boats battling the waves just as much as they are firing at other vehicles and air with their very own TV guided missiles at one point in the trailer.

There is even a lucky sniper shot at 1:00 on a moving jetski.

A new theme is featured as well, returning much of the more subtle tones of the Battlefield 2 theme instead of a heavy footed dubstep version.

Thoughts? come say hi on our facebook page and let us know what you’d think – we are also very interested in looking for people to play in our group.

Premium announced

In a situation to surprise no one, Premium will be returning.

It will cost $49.99 if bought overseas, however currently it looks like $59.99 when looking at the Australian facing front .

This will include 5 Expansion packs (including China rising which comes with preorders of Battlefield 4), Along with extra content being released weekly yet to be detailed.

A more aggressive schedule has been promised for updates – weekly.

This makes me wonder here if the content will be locked away, and unlocked by the server incrementally as each week comes. The skeptic in me is waiting to be proved wrong though and would gladly be shown otherwise.

Premium Trailer

Gamescom news / beta date

There has been a lot of news for Battlefield 4 just announced, so lets just get to the main bits and break it up a bit.

Beta Date

The official beta will be October 4th for everyone.Premium users of Battlefield 3, who have preordered Battlefield 4 or even for some reason purchased Medal of Honor Warfighter will be able to play “early October”. Given the previous date, this does not leave much room for guessing what date that will give you.

The Beta will be for a single map, Siege of Shanghai which was seen first at E3.

This is slightly latter than it was first rumored (mid september) for the beta to be open.

Older maps

There will be updated versions of maps from Battlefield 2 and 3 in one of the Content  packs. They will include Metro, Firestorm, Caspian Border (all BF3), as well as Gulf of Oman (BF2).


Battlelog features

Well, hello there.

A suprise trailer blowing my expectations about what will be in Battlelog will have large changes for everyone about how it will function once you have the game. To some people, seeing this trailer has been the tipping point or “wow” factor in making them get it.

While seeing is believing, here is a summary of some of the features noted.


  • The tablet application will have a minimap, running in realtime to compliment your actual ingame minimap. This cannot be understated. A Minimap! In some ways, the term “mini” is now being stretched.
  • Missions. Able to be set by yourself, you can create a set of goals to see who is the best in your defined group. You could set yourself up for best medic player for that week, or most amount of team work for the day. When a shift in the leader board happens, you can be notified to remind you to jump in and try get your position back.
  • Geo Leaderboards. More than being able to say you are in the top X amount of players  for a given class, skill, vehicle or objective usage, you can now say you are the best in your local area at being something. You may be the best in your city for using the magnum pistol for example, which you can build on to make yourself best in perhaps the state – or even your country and beyond. This is going to be exciting to read and look at as a shoutcaster for competitive players.
  • There is a server browser you can use to see where your friends are playing, allowing you to join as a player or spectator at anytime.
  • You can change your ingame layout in realtime for your infantry and vehicle. This means that you do not have to be frustrated at the forced kill cam inbetween spawns – just use your phone to customize what kit you will spawn with, including your perks, and weapons that you will use.

From the community, the battlelog developers have clarified some things:

  • The tablet will be the smallest usable size for the minimap.
  • The minimap on the PC will be fairly plain HTML and Javascript – you can have it running on another screen fine.
  • The Geo ladderboard is entirely optional. You do not specify your location unless you add it yourself. You can even do things such as place yourself in Antarctica if you feel like it.
  • Privacy and invisibility options for the friends list

Overall, these are exciting changes!



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